Midwest Young & Restless Split

by Delinquents

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A 3-way split recorded in November 2016 featuring 3 of the best hardcore bands that the Midwest has to offer. KHARMA, BACKBONE, AND DELINQUENTS. 7 tracks total (2 per band) and 1 intro.

(Kharma's tracks)

(Backbone's Tracks)

(Full Split on YouTube)


released December 14, 2016

All of Delinquents songs were written and performed by Delinquents.
All of Delinquents songs were engineered and mastered by Nick Nativo at The Nook Recording Studio in New Lennox, IL.
Artwork by Jared Bowman.



all rights reserved


Delinquents Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Transparent
It's a sick obsession
pride based on praise
never tried to question
what you worship is fake
but it's not your fault
you're just another victim
submerged in the abyss
swallowed by the system

And I'd love to watch you fall
cause I'm cynical myself
but right now you stand tall
and I rot inside my cell

Maybe I'm all wrong
lost my fuckin' mind
but I've had enough of this
I'm burning down your shrine
Track Name: Sheep ft. Bryan from Drowning
A legend in your mind
but you'll be forgotten
I never wanted to be like you
if I was god you'd rot in hell

Just a pretty boy tough guy
with identity issues
your attitude needs changing
negativity's not a virtue
every situation doesn't need a reaction
so tell me what you're fighting for
no compassion no passion

Black sheep
is my destiny
I'll stay out of step
like I was meant to be

Even with the so-called unconventional
you're just another trend to follow
I don't need a pseudo-righteousness to balance out my guilt
I'm not fooled by your mask
even though you fool yourself
bring your strife to light
as a popularity gain
proudly like it's a fucking claim to fame
you don't wanna know yourself
you'd hate what you'd see
so why the fuck you the one
looking down on me

Black sheep
is my destiny
I'll stay out of step
like I was meant to be

I wanna smash your fucking crown
better off dead in the ground
another try-hard leech mother fucker
I really wish you weren't here
you're pollution to this scene
just a sheep and a sucka

Get the fuck out
you're not welcome here
you never were punk
I guess you need a barrel in your mouth to
shut the fuck up
you exploit what I love and I recognize it
if you want it come and get it
pablo has a bullet you can have it
callin' out the fakes is a force of habit, damn