Recluse EP

by Delinquents

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released April 16, 2014

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Bryan Wheeler at Vicarious Studios in Waunakee, WI.



all rights reserved


Delinquents Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Predator or Prey / Recluse
you started out a loving man
cold world always had the upper hand

so am I selfish?
I don't know
but I need to live a life of worth
so many goals
I can't achieve
with you around
I'm alone in this world til the day I'm 6 feet under ground

destined to die alone
but my heart it aches
gotta do my own thing
but at the end of the day
nobody knows me
and I'm feeling lonely
but for now I gotta grow through the pain

maybe some day
I'll learn to grow with another
but for now
I'll just hide under the covers
tears on the pillow
blood on my hands
forced to accept
it's just the way I am

steal my soul
make it pure
like the days of my youth
when I loved with no fear
Track Name: Fools
You've been given a mind
to follow is to be blind
trusting all you see
is fucking blasphemy

the same type of thinking
that kept races divided
for once think twice
about what you confide in

I'm surrounded by fools
I live by my own rules
and if you wanna be free
your mind holds the key

the same type of thinking
that kept races divided
for once think twice
about what you confide in
Track Name: Noose Ft. Lex Mills

The more you fuckin live
the more you fuckin lose
sinking and sinking
til I'm tying the noose
better erase my past
cause it's been holding me back
gotta face the cold hard facts
though I wanna retract

the best days of your life are over
fathers givin you the cold shoulder

thrown to the gutter, one with the scum
bleeding out, days in glum
Track Name: Gloom
Restless nights
future looms over me
can't say the best days are ahead of me
lived through the worst, or so it seemed
with this constant searching I'm left with nothing

No way out, there's no escape
consequences will be paid
no control, we're like machines
born to die, live a life of suffering

as I grow older I'm learning
dark is only temporary
but so is the light
and that's what I find about it that's scary
content is an idea, and nothing more
before too long your love will walk out the door

love is dead so die alone
miserable from what you're shown
realizing whether I move or stay still
the truth doesn't hurt, it fucking kills