Face Of Evil EP

by Delinquents

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6 honest tracks of heavy hitting hardcore


released January 21, 2016

All songs written and performed by Delinquents.
All songs engineered and mixed by Jared Norton at Jared Norton Studios in Madison, WI.
All songs mastered by Nick Nativo at The Nook Studios in Southwest Chicago, IL.



all rights reserved


Delinquents Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: The True Face Of Evil
when you rot in the ground
no one will give a fuck
live your life killing over a construct
something that may or may not even exist
and your actions unspeakable, shocking, and sick

hell shall have no mercy
on your pitiful soul
power you seek
and total control

your savagery tromps inhumane
you deserve nothing more than to die in pain
the world suffers your immoral upheaval
you are the true face of evil

hell shall have no mercy
on your pitiful soul
power you seek
and total control

face of evil
Track Name: Flaw By Design (ft. Brandon Lang)
sometimes I wonder why
we were designed to fail
some of us doomed from the start
beaten down turned frail

in a shallow world it's luck of the draw
we can't change these rules
we can't break this law
given a name, stuck with a face
forever ill at ease in this shallow place

how can I love myself
if I've never been loved
and hate everyone else
fuck fuck fuck
how can I love myself
if I've never been loved
and hate everyone else
it's a flaw by design
it's a flaw by design
flaw by design

(Brandon Lang, Our vocalists brother):
I just wanna be beautiful in my eyes
but it's hard when the world tells me otherwise
fuck that
Track Name: Cut Ties
Kick it!

I remember a time where insecurity ran my life
made to feel so small
with no light and no end in sight
but I'm stronger every day
now I can never die
cause even when I'm gone
they'll remember this fight, this life
quality over quantity
so you bet that I cut the ties
no time for snakes
or those fucks will suck me dry
I give my all for the real ones in my life
but the leeches are gettin' left behind

here I am a new year
hungry like a fuckin wolf (YEAH)
still broke as hell
but my debt is paid in full
cause I'm out in the world
I'm pavin my own path
no more fear nothing holding me back
hard work pays off
I've got a long ways yet
still my heart hurts
but I'm on the mend
time has shown I'll always remain
cutting ties from the day old pain

don't look back
I will not regret
everything that was said
right the ship
just to fall back
and be another victim
Track Name: Stick It
this industry is so fucked and corrupt
and you're tellin me I gotta keep my mouth shut
while your intention is to only follow
I'm not content bringing my kids into a dark tomorrow, fuck

each generation worse off than the one before
the media just tries to keep us wanting more
I can see that you sold your soul
taking my money is your only goal

it's a sick world, so I live for myself
I keep my friends close
and I don't trust the rest
art shelved, formulaic shit sells
if this is heaven send me down to hell
Track Name: Try-Hard
pretentious son of a bitch
always out to impress
seems like you'll never size up
try to compensate with the rest

but I don't care about that macho shit
your prized possessions are not even worth it
notice I live the way that I want
completely different

assuming superiority
yet you're totally fucked morally
you're trying way too hard
spoon-fed ideals with no heart

you'll never admit you're wrong
you'll never admit you're weak
and you know damn well your motive
is to hide your insecurities

keep my flaws
in plain sight
cause nobody's perfect
and i'm proud of my life
quit putting everyone around you down
you're doing no good here
you're better off dead in the ground
Track Name: Spit Face
spit back in the worlds face
after it spits me out

tread lightly

I've been the good guy
far too long
bit my tongue too many times
even when they were wrong
I wanna set this straight
I'll spit right in your face
the evil that haunts my brain
will be embraced

taking out your frustration on
the ones that treat you right
I'm not gonna kiss no ass of
the disrespectful type

don't be frontin like we're friends
I won't forget how you'll put everyone down, again
just to lift yourself up
made us believe
we were worthless we were never enough
but really your ass was the one without
a fucking ounce of pride
you get respect through a fake product
and I'm not buyin
cause I'm not a mindless fuck
I'm not a fool
your luck will run out
and your ass will be schooled