Jagfist Demo

by Delinquents

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released October 8, 2013

Produced, engineered, and mastered by Bryan Wheeler at Vicarious Studios in Waunakee, WI.



all rights reserved


Delinquents Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Far Gone
since I was young
I've been cast aside
in a world that
I truly despise
I try to cope with your ignorant minds
I find it hard to believe
you have a fuckin spine

born lookin for a fight
won't hesitate
anything you wanna throw my way
I got a way with losin my mind
forgetting my conscience
fuck it, set it aside
I don't need it

waste away
every fucking day
try to lie
it will be your demise
kill yourself
you worthless piece of shit
no forgiveness now
you filthy fucking tick

I know your type
I've seen it before
now say goodbye
to the life you adore
Track Name: Black
It's not getting better
he'll never change
quit setting values aside
to see the same
got no respect for yourself
you can't love another
these days I find it hard
to even call you brother
I've seen a man of great potential
drown in mediocrity
swallowed up by a
system of complacency
your friends and family know the
man you were meant to be
but we're yet to see

all I'm sayin is just use your head
think about the shit you do
before you end up dead
and when you go to your grave
how will you look back?
on the things that you had
or the things that you lack

take a step back
and look where these drugs led you
straight back
to the place you'd never go back to
just know
I fuckin love you brother
just know
I'd do anything for you
Track Name: Spit Face
spit back in the worlds face
after it spits me out

tread lightly

I've been the good guy
far too long
bit my tongue too many times
even when they were wrong
I wanna set this straight
I'll spit right in your face
the evil that haunts my brain
will be embraced

taking out your frustration on
the ones that treat you right
I'm not gonna kiss no ass of
the disrespectful type

don't be frontin like we're friends
I won't forget how you'll put everyone down, again
just to lift yourself up
made us believe
we were worthless we were never enough
but really your ass was the one without
a fucking ounce of pride
you get respect through a fake product
and I'm not buyin
cause I'm not a mindless fuck
I'm not a fool
your luck will run out
and your ass will be schooled